The Ultimate Goal

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"The Secret Weapon"

Goals….you set them, you strive to achieve them and then what happens when you actually reach a goal you felt was most likely unattainable? You call it a Hole-in-One. I was fortunate to reach the golfer’s ultimate utopia this past weekend on a hot, humid Florida morning. Sure, I have endured the jokes if it hit the clown’s mouth directly or did it bounce off the windmill. It was actually a 165 yard shot at the LPGA International Legends Course in Daytona Beach. (No, I didn’t use a pink ball)

I do enjoy practicing (and hacking) on weekends and am a sponge when I play with a buddy of mine who is a PGA pro. He is always coaching me and giving me tips here and there. (usually after I pay off my bets!) It couldn’t have been scripted any better that I got the ‘Ace’ just a week after I had finished taking a few golf lessons with a new instructor. I don’t believe it was a coincidence that my ‘lucky’ shot occurred after some expert training. Good things tend to happen when you are properly coached and given the right tools to perform. I’m perfect proof!

Now that I have had time to reflect that it actually happened, the reaction by friends, strangers and golf addicts alike has been fascinating.  Reaching any goal is rewarding in itself but it means much more when you can share it with others. The course gave me a signed flag, hole-in-one bag tag and took my picture to be placed in the conference center. My good friend bought me a plaque with a photo of the hole on it. My buddies texted, called and emailed with congrats, stories of their own great shots and of course, busted my chops a bit. It made me realize, reaching a personal goal can be a great individual accomplishment but doesn’t mean the same unless you can share it with others….that is the ultimate goal.

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    Nicely done bro! and concur!

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