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Team Building Activity AreaHigh performance Team Challenge-Day 10

Team Building activities are sometimes seen as “hokey” or silly, and some are. I’ve got to ask, though, isn’t having cocktails with co-workers at the local Chili’s and complaining about the new format of the TPS reports a little hokey too?  Both types of activities do have their place and serve their purpose in building teams that get results.

Any shared team experience creates a set of memories and adds new dynamics to team relationships.In team building activities, the “hokey factor” often actually serves a few value-added purposes:

1.Creates “memorability”-Who can forget that time that we all wore dinosaur claw gloves and built a marshmallow tower?

2.Allows the introduction of workplace dynamics-tight resources, unclear directives, communication challenges, etc. while easing the tension of those dynamics by not feeling or looking too much like the real workplace.

3.By not being too much like “real work” it allows team members to “let their hair down” while debriefing similarities and differences between team behaviors during the activity and in the “real world”.

This post is not actually intended to be an argument for hokey team activities, -it is an encouragement to you to consider either researching a few simple team building exercises you can do yourself during team meetings, or hiring a professional team building firm occasionally for team meetings or off-sites.

Team building activities don’t have to be hokey, silly, time consuming or expensive, and your team will often gain remarkably interesting and positive results.

Here are some ideas and resources:

On the web:

Business Balls-Experiential Learning Article

Business Balls #2- Extensive guide to team building activities, games, quizzes and puzzles.


Quick Team-Building Activities for Busy Managers: 50 Exercises That Get Results in Just 15 Minutes- Simple and Clear activity ideas

Managing to Have Fun-Plenty of employee engagement, morale building and team building ideas

The Big book of Humorous Training Activities-Games-Humor always helps!

Downloadable Activity Template:

Team Cents Team Activity -Try it with your team-it’s fun,easy and powerful!

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